Modifications are changes that are made to the amplifier to upgrade the sound, to optimize usage or to improve the quality and safety.

Bias modification:
When replacing the power tubes, the current (bias) through these tubes has to be adjusted again.This is very important for a good sound and a reasonable lifetime of the power tubes. In many amplifiers there is no bias potentiometer. A bias potentiometer will be built-in to set correct current.

Master volume modification:
Many amplifiers, without a master volume, will only go to overdrive when the volume is set to 10. This is not always desirable. The solution is a build-in master volume. The pre-amp will go to overdrive without the power amp being at full power.

Signal capacitors upgrade:
To cut costs manufacturers sometimes use capacitors of less quality. This signal capacitors are essential for a proper sound as they are in the signal path. Replacing these "cheap" capacitors will make the sound full and sparkling.

Marshall 6100 / 6101 - 30th anniversary:
Channel switching is not working when the amp is turned on. Sometimes 3 leds are on at the same time and the switches are not working. If the amp is turned off and on everything is ok. With a small modification we can solve this problem.

There are plenty of other modifications. Ask for the possibilities.

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