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The story behind McDee guitar strings...

I'm Steven, I live in The Netherlands, and I'm the person behind McDee.Eu. I've been playing guitar for about 15 years and for the last 8 - 10 years I've been lucky enough to generate part of my income from playing the blues on my guitar. Among the bands I've played in are The Backbones, Dede Priest and my current band is  Little Steve & the Big Beat en Mike & the Mellotones.

It's needless to say that I play my guitars quite a bit and one thing that always drove me crazy was the cost of guitar strings. I never understood why a simple piece of metal had to be so expensive. I play my strings really hard, as I play blues guitar I do a lot of bends, I have a heavy right hand attack and as a result I break strings. I know many hard working (semi) professional guitarists like me who have the same problem and the cost of changing your strings every gig or two at 7 Euros per set is money earned less at the end of the night.

This is why I started McDee.Eu together with my drummer and dear friend 'El' Guido. We spent over a year contacting string manufacturers world wide, going to music fairs and trying to get sample packages for me to test and many times I was not satisfied with the product. I want to sell a product that I would want to play on myself and people who know me know that I'm very, VERY picky. Even though strings are just a piece of metal.. there is a big difference in quality. I ended up finding my string of choice from a manufacturer in the USA, these strings had great tone, a great feel, and longevity was also better than the Ernie Balls an d'Addario's I used to play! We had a winner!

After that was done I had to find a way to be able to sell these strings for an amazing price to all you fellow guitarists out there, the result is this webshop. And the result is also me being able to sell these strings for anything between 5 to 2,35 Euro's per set while offering free shipping, which means my profits are very low. I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word for me, if you like these strings please tell you friends!

My main guitar is my Fender relic Stratocaster that you see in the picture. I installed Don Mare pickups in these, and I use Raw Vintage saddles and springs (I was skeptic but these Raw Vintage saddles sound amazing!). I also have a Gibson ES330 which I love, and a Gibson SG and Nash Relic Strat. I play Fender Amps, but mostly I play my "AnatA" amplifier and Reverb unit. I've built these myself and I'm really happy with their sound. I don't use many effects..on the floor I have a tuner and a homebuilt tremolo pedal. I get a great sound through this setup! My strings of choice are a set of McDee Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy 011.