Supro Rhythm Master - Val Trol

1958 Supro Rhythm Master - Val Trol

This is/was the top of the line for the Supro solid body guitars and it is in excellent condition for it's age. Everything seems to be 100% original. Electronics are all in solid working condition. If your not familiar with this model there are 3 pickups. It has the normal neck and bridge position and then another in saddle piezio style pickup. The three way toggle controls which pickup is on, there is a master volume and 6 small flat head screw adjustments for the volume and tone control of each pickups. These are recessed into the body. Very cool design that helps keep multiple knobs out of your way. Pickups sound amazing! Original "tulip" Kluson tuners are still solid and hold tune very well. Badge, serial # plate and back plate are all in amazing condition. Alot of these back plates are cracked and warped. This one is solid and sits super flat/tight on the guitar. There have been NO neck/headstock breaks. Neck is nice and straight. Action is low and comfortable.

Comes with a nice, padded "Roadrunner" gig bag.

Technical details

  • 6 Strings
  • Sunburst
  • 1950's
  • Single coil pickups
  • Gold hardware

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